17th Annual ABQ Folk Fest – Event Review

This weekend was the 17th Annual Albuquerque Folk Festival. Personally, I had never been to this event, and I didn’t know what to expect. The only folk band I knew of was Mumford and Sons, but after attending this year’s festivities, I was opened up to a whole new genre.

With the weather uncertain, people still came out to the event and had a great time. This year’s event was held at the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. Activities were happening inside as well as outside the museum. The festival program given at the door helped navigate attendees throughout the event and find the best times to catch a great performance.

The air was filled with creativity, freedom and excitement. The crowd all shared the same interests and the wide range of activities gave attendees the courage to try something new. Some of these activities include workshops, storytelling, dancing, instruments, children sing-a-longs, games and, of course, tons of music.

Workshops held gave people the chance to learn a new dance or learn an instrument. Guests who attended these workshops could learn, fiddle chording, bluegrass harmony, the harmonica and cowboy songs, just to name a few!

Music was also an integral part of this event. Visitors had the chance to play instruments from all over the world. There were various music tents scattered throughout the event where people could get a taste of each different genre. It was almost like a mini-Coachella, folk edition. Music was heard all over from bands practicing, jamming and performing.

The variety of music, activities and food were great for a family event. There were snow cones for the kids at Hot Stuff Hawaiian Shave Ice, and craft beer for mom and dad from Bosque Brewing Company.

“We’ve been coming here for the past four years,” said the Sewell Family. “Our favorite part is the ‘Band Scramble’ where they pick members at random to play in a band.”

Not only families were in attendance but also students from local high schools. “Our DECA teacher told us about it and we thought it would be fun to volunteer and get our whole club to come out to help,” said local students Savanna and Samantha.

The festival had a large variety of food choices from all over the world. Food trucks were scattered throughout the festival, and the smell of different blends sure gave my taste buds a difficult time deciding what to choose!

If you’re interested in learning, trying or starting something new, you should definitely try to attend next year’s ABQ Folk Fest. After attending this event, I fell in love with so many different bands and even picked up a CD. If you need me, I’ll be at work listening to my new folk music while I wait until next year!

Original Publication / June.08.2015 / http://www.abqtodo.com/event-review-17th-annual-abq-folk-fest-2/

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